The Emerging Options For Rudimentary Products In Acupuncture Alicante


The Chinese modality sometimes uses really big needles which can be painful depending on the area in your body. I also studied some Japanese acupuncture — they use very fine, thinner needles which aren’t painful at all. There’s Master Tung acupuncture which can also be painful because the points are on your hands. The more skin a patient has and the finer the needles, the less pain there is. Chinese medicine is really dependent on the season and the temperature of the patient. Is it warm outside? Is it cold outside? Is the patient warm or cold? From there, you determine which needles to use. HG: take a look at the site here What should someone new to acupuncture look for when finding an acupuncturist? CW: The main thing in acupuncture is that you feel that you can really trust the person you work with because it’s an old traditional medicine, and is delivered through the hands of the practitioner.

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